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Longevity Platform

A personalized data-driven longevity platform that collects and analyzes data from various health-tracking devices and manual entries. The platform provides actionable insights to enhance the quality and duration of life by recommending gym routines, dietary adjustments, hydration, supplement intake, and stress management techniques. It also scans and parses medical reports, analyzes facial photos for age estimation and skin cancer detection, and integrates various health metrics into a user-friendly interface. The goal is to make advanced health monitoring accessible and affordable.
Example of the platform's analysis for the user nevenp:​
Problem Statement: The Challenge of Longevity
  • Increasing lifespan vs. quality of life.

  • Fragmented health data sources.

  • Lack of personalized, actionable insights for longevity.

Our Solution
  • A personalized platform to collect and analyze health data.

  • Integrates data from various devices (Garmin, Whoop, Muse, Xiaomi, Oura, …).

  • Provides actionable insights to enhance life quality and duration, such as gym routines, dietary adjustments, hydration, supplement intake, and stress management.

  • Tracks supplements like collagen, water intake, biotin, vitamins, and other essential health metrics.

  • Scans and parses medical reports using GPT, integrating insights into the platform.

  • Allows users to take a photo of their face to estimate age, scan skin for cancers, and analyze tongue and other health indicators.

  • Affordable Health Monitoring: The goal is to create a cost-effective version of Bryan Johnson's initiative, making advanced health monitoring accessible to the masses with affordable devices and actionable AI-powered insights.

Product Overview: How It Works
  • Data Collection: Seamlessly integrates with health tracking devices and manual entry for supplements. Collects weather data and other external data affecting health.

  • AI Analysis: Utilizes advanced AI to analyze data and identify trends.

  • Personalized Insights: Delivers customized health recommendations, including optimal supplement intake, exercise routines, and stress management techniques.

  • Medical Report Parsing: Uses GPT to scan and interpret medical reports, incorporating critical information into user profiles.

  • Facial and Skin Analysis: Uses AI to analyze facial photos for age estimation, skin cancer detection, and other health indicators like tongue analysis.

Competitive Advantage: Why Us?
  • Holistic Data Integration: Integrates health data from multiple sources including wearables, supplements, and medical reports.

  • Advanced AI Analysis: Uses cutting-edge AI for deeper insights and personalized recommendations.

  • Focus on Longevity: Specifically designed to enhance lifespan and quality of life.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design making complex health data easily understandable and actionable.

  • Innovative Health Scans: Unique feature of facial and skin analysis for age estimation and early detection of skin cancers.

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