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Artificial Intelligence Factory

Experimental version of Artificial Intelligence Factory (ALPHA) is now available.

Artificial Intelligence Factory is a web-browser based application for automated machine learning (AutoML). It allows users to automatically train neural networks using best practices and deploy them on various platforms. 

* Small databases with only few samples were used for training neural networks shown in the video.

You can log in using these credentials:

username: test

password: test

to see the results for a custom database which consists of 50000 images derived from CIFAR-10 dataset. Accuracy on a test set which consists of 5000 images is 94.56%.

Below is a video showing real-time artificial intelligence iOS application for iPhone XS which is built by using Artificial Intelligence Factory (ALPHA). Model for cats segmentation is trained on a very small database and because of that the accuracy is not so high. 

If you are interested in experimental version of Artificial Intelligence Factory (ALPHA)

and want to try it using your own custom database, please contact: and explain your use case to obtain your username and password.

publication date: 02/05/2019